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Libellus – Log book

Every traveller, though it be a short distance or a time traveller needs a log book. Detailed written records of your adventures sure beats fading memories or a corrupt storage medium.
With one of our Log books you do not need a hotspot or to be plugged in anywhere. This is the ultimate wireless record keeping device.
We bind our own books, cover them in leather or wood and decorate them with embellishments.
Below is an example of what we do.
(As seen at the ‘AetherCon!’ Steampunk Convention in Wellington.)

You are however welcome to contact us with your own idea, we might just be able to make you your own personalised Libellus.
Why might we be able? You may ask.
We do have certain limitations with the mediums we are working with, but we always love a challenge.
Please send us a message and we will supply you with our contact details and all relevant requirements for your idea.

Current Log Books for sale. (See below).

LB001 (This book has already gone to its new owner.)


Distressed leather bound book, a little bigger than a standard A5 size.
Recycled paper.
Clear pages with no lines.
Pewter octopus casting on the front.
$80 (excluding postage).


Distressed leather bound book, 230mm x 200mm.
Recycled paper.
Clear pages with no lines.
Custom design etched into brass plate on front cover.
$80 (excluding postage).

Desk/Bed side Lamp(s)

Brass lamp on solid wood base.
3 Light settings: 1x red, 1x amber, 1x white. (All LED’s)
Toggle switches on brass etched surround.
Height: 500mm
12V power supply included.
Single light: $ 150 (excluding delivery).

Buy both for: $ 250 (excluding delivery).

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